Planning For a New Future – SWOT


Clarifying where you want the business to be, planning for the future and adapting to the new COVID-19 world is vital to the future success of any business and even more so right now. This is collectively known as your business strategy and goals – something well worth working on whilst the practice is closed.
Great way to start your strategy planning is to undertake a SWOT Analysis on a large sheet of paper or on-screen document, laid out like the blackboard:
  • STRENGTHS: what are you good at; what are you best at; what are you, the team and your patients proud of e.g. service, quality of practice, CEREC, CT scanner, great location, clinical experience, reputation

  • WEAKNESSES: how are you restricted e.g. premises, opening times, surgery space; what are you not so good at e.g. specialist treatments; where do you need extra help, guidance or support e.g. planning, team management, marketing, making change, adapting to change

  • OPPORTUNITIES: what is happening out there that you can embrace and take advantage of e.g. new housing developments, schools, therapists, new treatments, elective treatments, new/fresh clinical experience, patient mobility, new technology e.g. remote consultations, patient communication

  • THREATS: what is happening out there that we have no control over but have to plan for e.g. COVID-19, Brexit, industry regulation, new competition, changed patient expectations, closure of businesses, increased patient remote working, local planning

Your new strategy will aim to:

  • MAXIMISE and make best use of STRENGTHS

  • MITIGATE and REDUCE the impact of WEAKNESSES



You and the team brainstorm everything you can think about under each heading. At this stage don’t pre-judge or rule out thoughts or contributions. This can be a great exercise to work on during remote/virtual team meetings to help keep your team involved, focused on a changing environment and motivated.
Collate all your ideas, thoughts and aspirations ready for the next stages of:
  • Prioritising what is deliverable over different periods of time (short, medium and long term)

  • Setting challenging but achievable goals for each

  • Putting clear action plans in place to deliver, including who, how and by when

More to follow on each of these . . .

There are many ways you can develop and improve your own business, management and leadership skills and those of your management team through individual training, coaching, mentoring and individual management/leadership profiling.

To see some of the ways in which Your Dental Manager works with other practices, take a look here. For an insight into how business coaching may be something to think about during this down-time, take a look here.

If you would like to discuss your return to practice planning, business coaching or good business practice in general, you can check availability and book a convenient, remote meeting using our on-line calendar at any time to suit your own diary.

Planning For a New Future – SWOT

Preparing You and the Team For a New Future


During these unprecedented times, many successful business people are finding their personal and professional lives being overwhelmed by outside forces, which are beyond their control.

One of the best ways to regain control is to use your free time positively and pro-actively to ensure you and your business are personally ready for a strong start when the business comes out of this enforced, but essential hibernation.

Aim to look back on this period and be pleased with all you have achieved, satisfied that you made good use of the time, have strengthened your team through good leadership and are ready to

People management and keeping in touch with your team has never been more important. Although furloughed staff are not able to deliver services or generate income for the business, you can and must still lead them, alongside any NHS re-deployed staff, through a turbulent time so that they return to work re-energised, refreshed and, most importantly, positive!

Important dateRegular virtual team get togethers using one of the many readily available video, chat or social media tools are crucial:

  • Include an element of social such as a quiz
  • Chat around how people are making use of the time
  • Help one another with challenges
  • Recognise and acknowledge individual achievements and contributions outside of work such as community support, NHS redeployment
  • Provide updates on plans for reopening
  • Help the team picture a return to work with light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Share ideas. Encourage personal development and positivity.

This downtime is also the perfect opportunity to chat one to one with individual members of the team to:

  • Highlight their continued personal value
  • Discuss fears, concerns, personal circumstances
  • Recognise personal achievements during closure such as community support
  • Show effective leadership
  • Help strengthen the team member personally and professionally
  • Identify aspirations, hidden skills, strengths
  • Identify training opportunities
  • Encourage personal development
  • Feedback on morale
  • Discuss ideas and thoughts on return to work
  • Help you develop a robust training/development plan for each member of the team
  • Help you plan a more efficient and productive team

There are many ways you can develop and improve your own business, management and leadership skills and those of your management team through individual training, coaching, mentoring and individual management/leadership profiling.

To see some of the ways in which Your Dental Manager works with other practices, take a look here. For an insight into how business coaching may be something to think about during this down-time, take a look here.

If you would like to discuss your return to practice planning, business coaching or good business practice in general, you can check availability and book a convenient, remote meeting using our on-line calendar at any time to suit your own diary.

Preparing You and the Team For a New Future

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Your Dental Manager now delivers the majority of dental business updates, hints, tips, important sector news, recommendations and more via our Facebook page rather than website or e-mail. Here is a recent example:

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To see some of the ways in which we work with other practices, take a look here. For an insight into how business coaching may be something to think about in 2020, take a look here.

Check Your Dental Manager Facebook Page For Regular Updates

Ready for a Change?


Change is inevitable and essential in every business to stay competitive, avoid losing customers and to keep costs under control. This may be as straightforward as upgrading your practice software system or implementing new ways of doing things, through to opening a second practice or converting from NHS to private.

Effective communication, project planning and organisational skills along with dedicated time to manage the project are all needed and often not always available within your practice.

Often the team are left not really understanding what is happening, the benefits of change and wonder what the impact will be on them moving forward.

Involve the team from the start and change can often run much smoother.

Your Dental Manager can help you deliver change into the practice in many ways including:

  • Analysis of the benefits
  • Costings
  • Review of the impact
  • Planning
  • Best Practice
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Communication with the team
  • Training
  • Delivery and Implementation
  • Follow-up
  • In the words of one happy client:

Wooden wthite letter Thank you on the crumpled carpet

“Mark has turned our business around.Working with the whole team and always putting our goals and priorities at the centre of everything he does for us. He has the ability to reassure and motivate alongside a very strong business sense. 

Thanks Mark, you keep us on the right path”

This and other testimonials can be seen here.

We understand that every practice is different and always tailor our support to suit the management skills and resources you already have by “Bridging the Management Gap” and coaching your management team along the way, as necessary.

Projects we have successfully delivered to other dental practices include:

  • Text Do not resist change embrace it typed on retro typewriterNHS to private conversion – both individual dentist and full practice
  • KPI and performance management systems
  • Financial accounting systems
  • Compliance software
  • Staff appraisal/bonus schemes
  • Practice acquisition/mergers/expansions
  • Practice and Business Manager recruitment
  • Tracking systems for referral dentists
  • Virtual reception/overspill telephone answering systems
  • CQC registrations

If you are planning change now or in the future, please get in touch to find out how we can help turn your plans into reality or book a complimentary call at a convenient time, through our on-line calendar.

Ready for a Change?

How Do I Work With My Clients?


Your Dental Manager offers a wide range of personalised business management support and coaching for dental practices. I generally start by understanding and identifying any management gaps which there may be in the practice.

Management gaps can arise in many ways including business growth, time pressures or lack of experience in a particular business area. In many cases there is simply no individual with sufficient business skills or experience immediately available. There are also often clear and burning management issues which the practice already know about, which need to be quickly addressed. 

Metal Wheel Concept

Change is always a constant within modern businesses and dental practices are no different. Implementation of any kind of change from simple procedural changes to a fundamental change in the way the practice works, quickly highlights management gaps which I can help to bridge. Good project management and communication skills are always key to delivering a successful change.

There are many ways to bridge management gaps which may be a combination of business coaching, training, mentoring, direct support from myself, new systems, recruitment and perhaps even outsourcing some of the work. 

You can see more examples of how I work with practices here.

My aim is to become a readily-available, trusted business-support partner for my client practices with a shared understanding of how they work and where the owner wants to take the business. The number of practices I work with is closely monitored to ensure that I can maintain and develop this relationship.

Support from Your Dental Manager is very flexible being available as and when required with no ongoing or minimum commitment, which leaves the practice owner fully in control of the straight-forward fees. Business support is available remotely from as little as 15 minutes through to half-day and full-day practice visits.

Remote support is particularly flexible and cost-effective being available through a tailored combination of telephone calls, interactive screen-share through TeamViewer, Facetime, shared DropBox folders and remote access to a suitable practice PC/practice management software as and when required.

Calls and meetings can be quickly and easily arranged at any time using our online booking system.

Fees are only charged for work completed to a client’s satisfaction which is fully logged on invoices.

Please take a look at some testimonials from other practice owners and explore my website to find out more about how I work. 

If you think I can help bridge some management gaps within your practice, please get in touch for a complimentary discussion:  Enquire Here or book a complimentary telephone call through my on-line calendar.

How Do I Work With My Clients?

Embrace Change


Managed change is essential for any growing business to keep up with the demands of competition, patients and improved ways of doing “what we have always done”.
The word “managed” is key of course and here are some tips I share with clients when supporting them with managed change:

1) Lead by example and embrace the change
2) Communicate, involve and share openly with the team
3) Always share proof of improvement, not promises!

Metal Wheel Concept
4) Manage expectations and recognise/respect the different ways people react to change
5) Plan the implementation within reasonable timescales
6) Consider the bigger picture and plan for the wider impact

7) Listen and respond to feedback from the team & patients
8) Monitor closely and respond quickly to variances
9) Celebrate and share the benefits

Embrace Change

Everything DiSC® – Boost Your Practice & Team Performance in 2018


As a Certified Facilitator and trainer for Everything DiSC®, I regularly make use of the many tools and techniques available within the Everything DiSC family for coaching, mentoring, team development, training and to support effective recruitment in dental practices across the country.

Here is a brief overview of how Everything DiSC can add value to your practice and why I find the tools so valuable in my day to day work.

Everything DiSC identifies four primary dimensions of workplace behaviour:

Dominance – Influence – Steadiness – Conscientiousness.


Everyone is a blend of all 4 styles and has a unique behavioural style. An individual’s DiSC style is identified using a reliable, interactive, on-line questionnaire and shown by a ‘dot’‘, which is placed on the model.

DiSC styles do not identify abilities or strengths. There is no right or wrong /pass or fail. A style demonstrates personal priorities or workplace behavioural style.

The Everything DiSC model is highly memorable and easily understood. Participants start their learning journey by being introduced to this simple model and, through various practical exercises, build upon the model to open up a wealth of self-understanding and appreciation of others.

The visual and easily understood model provides a practical, interactive and fun learning opportunity, perfect for personal development plans and CPD. This new-found knowledge then enables practice owners, practice managers and the whole practice team, to further increase self-awareness and understanding of those they work alongside.

Using a DiSC Profiling Approach to Learning:

  • Enables individuals and practice teams to work more effectively together
  • Helps team members understand one another better
  • Introduces an easily understood “common language” to recognise and compare different people
  • Acts as a springboard for conversations, one to one reviews and team development
  • Increases individual and practice performance
  • Improves communication and engagement between team members themselves and management/practice owners
  • Reduces conflict and misunderstandings within the practice

Thanks to its versatility, DiSC can be adapted for each practice and used to improve and develop:

  • Team Working and Team Development
  • Leadership and Management capability
  • Individual Coaching and Mentoring
  • Patient Journey
  • Treatment Plan Acceptance
  • Appraisals and Reviews
  • Working Relationships
  • Recruitment
  • Conflict
  • Performance Management
  • Communication
  • Management of Change
  • Morale and Employee Engagement
  • Personal and 360 Feedback for Principal Dentists/Managers

Reasons to Choose Everything DiSC® Over Other Popular Psychometric Tools

  1. Everything DiSC is statistically proven to be very reliable and the core concepts have been successfully delivered to many millions of people for more than than 40 years. Reliability and accuracy is greatly enhanced through adaptive testing used in participant profiling questions, which identifies discrepancies in responses and asks further questions to encourage consistency.
  2. Everything DiSC offers an effective, non-threatening, non-judgemental and common language which can be quickly used within the team and practice.
  3. The Everything DiSC family contains a range of tailored profiles for individuals, teams, leaders and managers.
  4. Profiles are written in an easy-to-read, non-academic format which are user-friendly and suitable for individuals throughout the practice.
  5. Profiles are written in a neutral tone- although focus is still given to potential short-comings meaning participants are more receptive and less defensive.
  6. Everything DiSC is competitively priced. Individual profiles and practice training sessions offer truly excellent value.
  7. is a unique online resource, which is made available to participants after workshops and completion of profiles to continue their learning.


DiSC Certified Trainer Blue PNG 

Everything DiSC can be tailored to the individual needs of your practice from individual, one-to-one coaching/mentoring to self-learning or as a popular and cost-effective 3 hour interactive workshop for the practice team.

To find out how you and your practice could benefit from Everything DiSC or to discuss your needs in more detail, please book a complimentary phone call at a convenient time through our on-line calendar or drop an e-mail with your questions and contact details to                           

Everything DiSC® – Boost Your Practice & Team Performance in 2018