Should We Have Our Own Smartphone Practice App?

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Apps seem to be everywhere these days and I am often asked by principal dentists and practice managers, whether an App would be of value to the practice and to patients.

The quick and easy answer is yes. . . . . There are many people out there who prefer to interact with businesses via their smartphone or other mobile device and don’t expect to pick up the desk phone or even send e-mails for routine, day-to-day tasks like booking an appointment or checking prices, availability, current offers etc.

Please accept that an App will not be of value or interest to everyone, which is fine but don’t ignore the ever-growing number of patients who do value them.

The key to effective marketing and patient communication is reaching out to patients at a time and in a way which suits individuals and we are all different. Every practice has patients who prefer to communicate with us in different ways, from the traditional letter and telephone through to e-mail , text and now directly through their smartphone or mobile device.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-4-16-21-pmSmartphone technology is increasingly becoming the norm and an anticipated part of business for many. Your patients will often do a search for associated Apps when buying a new product or service just as they generally seek out a website before purchasing.

One way I look at this is that your website is simply a shop-window for new and existing patients whilst your App gives patients quick and easy access to your services and allows them to interact with you more easily.

In addition to boosting your brand awareness by having your practice logo permanently sat on the patient’s smart-phone, some of the many other benefits are:

Your Practice:

  • Send messages directly to individual, or all, patient smartphones without charge
  • Receive patient appointment requests with all required information & contact details
  • Quickly confirm appointments
  • Easily create and administer loyalty schemes
  • Receive patient referrals quickly and easily
  • Automate patient enquiry forms for consistency and ease of use
  • Reduce volume of phone calls
  • Reduced volumes of outgoing e-mail and letters
  • Additional services/offers restricted to groups of patients e.g. Dental Plan members
  • Showcase your practice and treatments using picture galleries
  • Detailed reporting allows you to track activity and usage of the App and each feature
  • Simple content management system allows you to update and add content


Your Patient:screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-9-53-32-am

  • Request appointments with date/time preferences at any time
  • Less time spent on the telephone/writing e-mails
  • Convenient access at any time of the day or night
  • Access to special offers
  • Access to loyalty schemes
  • Access to your website and social media links all in one place
  • Quick notification of new services, offers and availability
  • Travel directions to your practice from any location
  • Quick and easy feedback




Such is the value we attach to correctly managed, professional Apps for dental practices, Your Dental Manager has now invested in the technology to build and manage a bespoke App for your practice in-house, which will be built to meet the strengths and needs of you and your patients.

A simple, on-line, interactive  build request form will collate all the basic detail we need to produce a working version. This includes your logo, preferred images, features you would like to use and layout of the App itself.


Once finalised, we take care of all the work involved with publishing your new App to the Apple and Android stores, along with everything you need to share and spread details of how to download your new App to staff, patients, community contacts and of course family and friends. All of this is available for a one-off charge of £500 to cover design, publication, content management system and initial training, along with an ongoing monthly fee of £50 for support, maintenance and any necessary updates.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of a new App for your practice, contact Your Dental Manager at or even better, why not download our own App for Apple or Android and contact us using YDM Direct.



Should We Have Our Own Smartphone Practice App?

Your Dental Manager Live App Launched


Your Dental Manager Live App has now been launched and is a great way to keep in touch, ask questions, request support, source best practice ideas and find out all about the management services we offer to dental practices.
Look out for regular offers along with rewards for loyalty and referrals.

The YDM Live App can be downloaded from the Apple/Google Play stores or simply scan the barcode with your smart-phone.






Your Dental Manager Live App Launched