CQC Dental Inspection Hot Spots


Reading through a further sample of 29 CQC dental inspections undertaken in various parts of England during July, highlighted a number of breaches which can easily be avoided.

Of the 29 practices inspected, two practices were issued with various breach notifications and these were again typically found across the “Safe” and “Well Led” sections.

The majority of practices were again found to be fully satisfactory, which is great, but in the spirit of continuous improvement and to try and help 100% of practices achieve a clean pass, here are some of the key-findings which might just keep another practice out of trouble.



  • Access to an Automatic External Defibrillator
  • Evidence of regular Medical Emergency training for all staff
  • External reporting procedures for Young People and Vulnerable Adult concerns
  • Pre-Employment checks prior to recruitment including DBS
  • All audits must show evidence of learning and action points
  • IRMER regulations for x-ray equipment including annual checks and RPA appointed
  • Monitoring and support for staff with CPD/Professional Development
  • Knowledge and implementation of Mental Capacity Act
  • Legionella Risk Assessment in place and regular checks of outlets as recommended
  • COSHH records
  • Equipment servicing as per supplier recommendations with evidence
  • Ensure patient/medical equipment safety alerts are tracked and actioned via Central Alerting System at https://www.cas.dh.gov.uk
  • Stock control for medicines to ensure rotation and removal of items before expiry
  • Patient records should follow Faculty of General Practice Guidelines
  • Informed consent discussions to be recorded on patient records
  • Always have evidence of patient feedback/comments/suggestions and have a simple system in place for patients to use

There is plenty of help out there to plug any management gaps including Your Dental Manager, so please do get in touch if you have any concerns or want to further improve the overall management/efficiency of your practice: info@yourdentalmanager.co.uk

CQC Dental Inspection Hot Spots

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