Keeping a Close Eye On Your Practice Finances?



How confident are you that your dental practice was profitable last week, last month, this year to date?

Many practice owners wait until the annual accounts are presented to see if they have made enough profit to cover all their running costs and leave enough cash for loan repayments, pensions and for themselves to fund the life-style they are accustomed to. This is made worse when it can often be six months after the financial year end before you have got all the papers into your accountant and the draft figures are available to either surprise or shock you.

Basic book-keeping, using a simple on-line or desk-top accounting package linked to your bank accounts for ease of download, can show you at a glance how much profit you are making at any time in the year or for any day, week, month or year.

Great peace of mind and more importantly allows you to take action very quickly if turnover and costs start to move in opposite directions – this can quickly drain away any profits you thought you were making.

I have a small number of top-of-the-range QuickBook Plus accounting packages available for £20 per month compared to the usual price of £34.80 (including VAT).

As an extra benefit for new book-keeping clients, I can offer 3 months free subscription worth £60 when taken alongside an optional book-keeping service which starts from just £15 per week with a minimum commitment of 3 months, payable in advance.

With only a limited number of subscriptions remaining at this price it will be first come, first served so please enquire below if you are interested.

QuickBook Offer Enquiry

Keeping a Close Eye On Your Practice Finances?

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