Associate Dentist Opportunity – Oxford

Self-employed Associate NHS Dentist Required for Oxford Practice

3,000 UDA’s + good private opportunities

2 days per week – Wednesday & Friday but may be some flexibility

One of my dental clients in Oxford has an excellent job opportunity for an experienced and ambitious associate dentist to join a thriving practice.

This vibrant and successful mixed private/NHS dental practice operates from state of the art premises on the outskirts of Oxford being fully computerised with well-equipped, modern surgeries, digital x-rays and training facilities. The practice has an excellent reputation for training, a full range of in-house specialist-interest dentists and the benefits of a fully equipped operating suite for implant work.

The successful applicant will enjoy excellent working conditions, competitive private fee payments/UDA rates, generous contribution to lab fees, access to an established patient list, excellent private practice opportunities and the benefits of a strong and efficient management/support team.

Great opportunities to develop private client base.

You will need to have a minimum of 2 years post-qualification experience, be registered as an NHS performer, have evidence of/commitment to post-graduate education and excellent communication skills.

To apply for this opportunity or for more information please send your c.v. and a covering letter to


Associate Dentist Opportunity – Oxford

Hygienist Opportunity – Oxford



Self-employed Hygienist Required for Private Oxford Practice

2-3 days per week

One of my dental clients in Oxford has an excellent opportunity for an experienced and ambitious Hygienist to join a thriving practice.

This vibrant and successful, primarily private, dental practice operates from state of the art premises on the outskirts of Oxford being fully computerised with well-equipped, modern surgeries, digital x-rays and training facilities.

The practice has a strong preventive dentistry ethos and demand for hygiene services is increasing, including after-care work for implant patients.

The successful applicant will enjoy excellent working conditions, competitive fee payments, access to an established patient list and the benefits of a strong and efficient management/support team.

You will need to have a minimum of 2 years post-qualification experience with excellent communication skills.

To apply for this opportunity or for more information please send your c.v. and a covering letter to

Hygienist Opportunity – Oxford

Everything DiSC® – Boost Your Practice & Team Performance in 2018


As a Certified Facilitator and trainer for Everything DiSC®, I regularly make use of the many tools and techniques available within the Everything DiSC family for coaching, mentoring, team development, training and to support effective recruitment in dental practices across the country.

Here is a brief overview of how Everything DiSC can add value to your practice and why I find the tools so valuable in my day to day work.

Everything DiSC identifies four primary dimensions of workplace behaviour:

Dominance – Influence – Steadiness – Conscientiousness.


Everyone is a blend of all 4 styles and has a unique behavioural style. An individual’s DiSC style is identified using a reliable, interactive, on-line questionnaire and shown by a ‘dot’‘, which is placed on the model.

DiSC styles do not identify abilities or strengths. There is no right or wrong /pass or fail. A style demonstrates personal priorities or workplace behavioural style.

The Everything DiSC model is highly memorable and easily understood. Participants start their learning journey by being introduced to this simple model and, through various practical exercises, build upon the model to open up a wealth of self-understanding and appreciation of others.

The visual and easily understood model provides a practical, interactive and fun learning opportunity, perfect for personal development plans and CPD. This new-found knowledge then enables practice owners, practice managers and the whole practice team, to further increase self-awareness and understanding of those they work alongside.

Using a DiSC Profiling Approach to Learning:

  • Enables individuals and practice teams to work more effectively together
  • Helps team members understand one another better
  • Introduces an easily understood “common language” to recognise and compare different people
  • Acts as a springboard for conversations, one to one reviews and team development
  • Increases individual and practice performance
  • Improves communication and engagement between team members themselves and management/practice owners
  • Reduces conflict and misunderstandings within the practice

Thanks to its versatility, DiSC can be adapted for each practice and used to improve and develop:

  • Team Working and Team Development
  • Leadership and Management capability
  • Individual Coaching and Mentoring
  • Patient Journey
  • Treatment Plan Acceptance
  • Appraisals and Reviews
  • Working Relationships
  • Recruitment
  • Conflict
  • Performance Management
  • Communication
  • Management of Change
  • Morale and Employee Engagement
  • Personal and 360 Feedback for Principal Dentists/Managers

Reasons to Choose Everything DiSC® Over Other Popular Psychometric Tools

  1. Everything DiSC is statistically proven to be very reliable and the core concepts have been successfully delivered to many millions of people for more than than 40 years. Reliability and accuracy is greatly enhanced through adaptive testing used in participant profiling questions, which identifies discrepancies in responses and asks further questions to encourage consistency.
  2. Everything DiSC offers an effective, non-threatening, non-judgemental and common language which can be quickly used within the team and practice.
  3. The Everything DiSC family contains a range of tailored profiles for individuals, teams, leaders and managers.
  4. Profiles are written in an easy-to-read, non-academic format which are user-friendly and suitable for individuals throughout the practice.
  5. Profiles are written in a neutral tone- although focus is still given to potential short-comings meaning participants are more receptive and less defensive.
  6. Everything DiSC is competitively priced. Individual profiles and practice training sessions offer truly excellent value.
  7. is a unique online resource, which is made available to participants after workshops and completion of profiles to continue their learning.


DiSC Certified Trainer Blue PNG 

Everything DiSC can be tailored to the individual needs of your practice from individual, one-to-one coaching/mentoring to self-learning or as a popular and cost-effective 3 hour interactive workshop for the practice team.

To find out how you and your practice could benefit from Everything DiSC or to discuss your needs in more detail, please book a complimentary phone call at a convenient time through our on-line calendar or drop an e-mail with your questions and contact details to                           

Everything DiSC® – Boost Your Practice & Team Performance in 2018

Control & Track Your Amazon Spend Better


Great to see that Amazon have now introduced a Business to Business service, which allows you to separate out your practice purchases from personal or local accounts, pay by monthly invoice, set up approval/authorisation rules/individual spending limits, send invoices directly to payment systems such as Entryless/ReceiptBank and link your own personal Amazon accounts to maintain any benefits you may have such as Amazon Prime.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 9.27.24 am

Control & Track Your Amazon Spend Better

Streamline Your Hourly-Pay Procedures


Practice Managers spend a lot of time collating, checking and agreeing the number of hours worked by members of the team ahead of the monthly pay run.
This is another quick win where technology can take the strain and do all the hard work for you.
Deputy Staff Management collates all the hours worked either directly from the on-line work roster provided or using a great tablet-based check-in system called “Kiosk” to accurately log actual start and finish times.
With hourly rates loaded for each member of the team you can track staff costs in real time.
Deputy is successfully established and running in several of my client practices, with more coming on board each week.
If this sounds interesting, you can set up a 30 day free-trial here and Your Dental Manager will make sure you are set up and running to make best use of your trial month.



Streamline Your Hourly-Pay Procedures

CQC Hotspots – November 2017


Reviewing a further sample of 107 CQC dental inspection reports published in November highlighted a number of compliance breaches and warnings which can easily be avoided, but which are still catching out some practices.

Of the 107 practices sampled, only 7 practices were issued with breach notifications, which is a big improvement on previous samples. Clearly the majority of practices are getting things right, which is great news. All notices reviewed this month were again issued for breaches within the “Well Led” standard, with just one other issued in respect of “Safe”.

It is very clear from this, and several previous samples, that the “Well Led” standards are still causing problems for many practices, despite most being fully compliant in the many other aspects of good practice management.

The “Well Led” standard is inspected under the following broad areas:

  • Governance Arrangements (management structure and responsibilities/delegation)
  • Leadership, Openness and Transparency
  • Learning & Development/Continuous Improvement
  • Seek and Act on Feedback from staff and the public/patients

In the spirit of continuous improvement and to try and help 100% of practices achieve a clean pass, here are some of the key-findings and recommendations from these very recent inspections, which might just keep another practice out of trouble.

Interesting to note that a number of the issues picked up by inspectors in recent reports have been flagged up in previous bulletins and all are easily resolved once identified.

  • Don’t let the basic Infection Control procedures slip – remember that your Infection Control Audits and HTM01-05  should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.
  • Inspectors are still picking up evidence of audits being undertaken and filed with no subsequent action planning or attempt to resolve identified issues. Remember that once you have identified a risk, the practice is responsible for pro-actively resolving and/or reducing the risk to an acceptable level. Always document timescales, responsibility and follow-up plans.
  • Medical Emergency procedures have caused problems for some practices. Remember to rehearse these regularly (keeping records), involve all staff, check that you have the essential drugs/equipment readily available as recommended by Resuscitation UK, British National Formulary, GDC and make sure that nothing in your emergency kit goes out of date.
  • As with all policies and procedures, Safe-Guarding and Whistle-blowing procedures must be personalised to your own practice and reflect local contacts and procedures. Inspectors still find many examples of generic policies/procedures which bear no resemblance to what actually happens locally,
  • Practices are still being picked up for inadequate recruitment procedures. Always follow simple, readily available checklists and procedures to demonstrate that you are doing things correctly and keep records readily available in staff files. This includes employment references, DBS certificate numbers, qualification certificates, photo i.d. and proof of residency/home address.
  • Ensure you are receiving, checking and taking action on relevant MHRA/CAS patient safety alerts. Dental practices don’t receive many but there must be a robust system in place to show that you identify and respond to any that are published.
  • Management of sharp injuries are regularly checked. Ensure procedures are in place and communicated to all the team. Endo files need to be risk assessed if used.
  • Incident/Accident Reporting records must be updated for any significant events, including Sharps injuries..
  • COSHH records not held or maintained/reviewed. Practices work with a lot of high-risk substances. Essential that you have information sheets and risk summaries for all, including routine cleaning materials. Immediate access to this information will be vital in the event of an accident. Also make sure that anything within your COSHH records is safely and securely stored to reflect the increased risk. Don’t forget to log and register  those new materials you keep trying out if they are a COSHH risk.
  • Make sure your clinical and domestic waste records are fully up to date and that appropriate waste audits have been completed accurately by yourself and your waste handlers.
  • Check your drugs and materials for storage guidelines, ensure refrigerated where required and regularly check for out-of-date supplies.
  • Make sure that your clinical team have up to date Hep B immunity records confirmed and available for checking, before working in risk areas. Take care to ensure all impacted staff have reached the minimum level of vaccine effectiveness.
  • Inspectors continue to come across missing or partially-completed, mandatory risk assessments including Legionella, Sharps, Clinical Waste and COSHH. Make sure that any actions required to minimise risks are documented and implemented.
  • Staff reviews/appraisals must be available to show evidence of performance, learning needs, “general well-being” and future training/development plans. Something is better than nothing, so don’t delay or wait for “perfection”.  So often, inspectors are told that appraisals “are in hand” but not yet done.
  • Interpretation services must be made available for patients who do not speak English, either in house or through an external third party service.
  • Don’t forget to have an up to date Disability Discrimination Audit available along with plans for improvements or reasons why changes cannot reasonably be made.
  • More practices are now making use of CCTV – make sure this is documented in your Data Protection records and that both staff and patients are given adequate notice of why CCTV is being used and that they have a right to view footage.
  • Take care with “Off the Shelf” or “In a Box” Policy and Procedure packs. They are an essential and valuable source of material for many practices, but each policy/procedure must be reviewed and personalised to the practice and the way you work.

As always, remember that if something is not recorded or evidenced, in the eyes of the CQC and other external bodies such as the NHS, it didn’t happen, even though you may know full well that it did! This continues to catch practices out, leading to frustration and avoidable stress for all!

Findings from previous inspection reviews can be found here:  CQC Hotspots

There is plenty of help out there to plug any management gaps including Your Dental Manager, so please do get in touch if you have any concerns or want to further improve the overall management/efficiency of your practice: or check our on-line calendar to book a complimentary chat.

CQC Hotspots – November 2017

Team Bonus – Get it Right


Edd Jones talks through how he successfully implemented a team bonus scheme at Hartley Dental in Plymouth . . . .

Don’t we all just love a bonus?! Quite right too, we deserve it don’t we? All that hard work, day in day out whilst looking presentable, turning up on time, being nice to customers etc – well actually, no.

Let me state from the outset, that I am a big fan of awarding bonuses to Practice teams – it gives everyone a common goal, plus something to buy into. However, what I am dead set against is just dishing out a yearly bonus, because we feel like we should do, or as “that’s what we’ve always done here.” No, no – NO.

The simple fact if the matter is that a bonus must be earned. Simply turning up for work, not going sick willy-nilly, looking presentable and doing your job well are not reasons for a bonus – team members are already being paid to achieve those things to a high standard – and quite right to, might I add.

If you are going to award bonuses, there should be targets set, which if met will equal that bonus. So what targets should be set?

The main targets a lot of businesses focus on are profitability and productivity, sounds reasonable and yes, this is absolutely what targets should be attached to – but we need to sugar coat them in a Dental setting to make them appeal to the team – ‘buy in’ is absolutely crucial. The first port of call is to ASK your team, 1) What targets do they think should be set, which are important to the business, understandable for them and achievable, and 2) What type/level of bonus should be attached to these targets?

The critical part of this process is to communicate with the team and ensure they give you some buy in to the process – it will benefit them in the longer term, but like everything in life – it won’t be easy or handed to them on a plate!

So if the team come up with some compelling suggestions, which fit with what the business is trying to achieve – bingo, you have your magic formula!

However, there may be occasion where one has to clasp the nettle and come up with something yourself. At Hartley Dental in Plymouth, we wanted to implement a target/bonus structure for 2017 that met the following criteria (excuse the repetition here):

1) Achievable,

2) Related to business objectives & increasing profitability,

3) Fully understood by the whole team.

We decided also that it would be a good idea to have a target for each particular area of the Practice, these being – front of house, the Clinicians/Nurses and an overall team target. We came up with the following:

1) Sundry Sales:

This is a target for the whole team and is an area in which, every member of the teamcan have a positive impact. Sundry sales are never going to fund your retirement, but are a useful addition to the income of a Practice, especially if you stock and (correctly price) electric toothbrushes… Our target is £500 in sales (gross) per month, or £6,000 per year. The target is run annually and the incentives are as below:

1) Yearly target exceeded by 10% (£6,600) = Bottle of champagne for each member of the team,

2) Yearly target exceeded by 20% (£7,200) = Bottle of champagne each & a beauty treatment for the ladies or appropriate reflective prize for the gents,

3) Yearly target exceeded by 50% (£9,000) = Bottle of champagne and £100 each,

4) Yearly target exceeded by 100% (£12,000) = A 2 day trip to Barcelona for the team, including flights and 1 nights hotel stay.

If a holiday doesn’t add a fruity incentive for the team, nothing will!

2) Maintenance to Care Plan Conversion:

One for the clinicians, including the Nurses, don’t let them off the hook here! This target is really simple to understand and one that will bring a real benefit to the Practice if taken seriously by the clinical team. The target and bonus is very simple – as follows:

1) For every 10 people converted from maintenance plan to care plan, each clinician gets a £50 bonus.

To give you an idea of the importance of this target – Hartley has 10 less people on their care plan than on their maintenance plan, yet the income from the care plan (which covers restorative treatments for orally healthy patients – crowns, bridges, fillings etc) generates TWICE the income of the maintenance plan.

3) New Patient Conversions:

One for the Front of House team. Getting quality new patients through the door is always a focus for the Practice and the long term profitability of the business largely hangs on the teams effectiveness in this area. The target and bonus is as follows on a monthly basis:

1) Target = 70% conversion of enquiries to paid new patient appointments each month (£100 for a new patient assessment and £225 for an Orthodontic assessment). Bonus = £50 for each member of the front of house team if the target is met each month.

A tough target, but one that could top up the front of house teams salary by £600 per year – not to be sniffed at!

So there you have it – some simple, measurable and understandable targets for your team to get their teeth stuck into!

Oh and by the way – Hartley has also brought in a subsequent target and associated bonus relating to current patients referring their friends and family to the Practice – but enough free advice for today!

Enjoy everyone and I hope this helps!

Edd Jones, YDM Business Partner South West (C&E Consult).


Team Bonus – Get it Right